The Circle at Zurich Airport

Thursday, 14 May 2015 12:07

We worked on this project for quite some time. Our part was mainly focused on lighting and realistic shading. Besides preparing many of the shots we were included in the rendering as well. At the end our work included interior design, shading, lighting and quite some rendering.

“The Circle” will be a destination in itself at Zurich airport. Just steps away from the terminal buildings, the new, architecturally striking complex will buzz with life and services. With all the bustle of an international trading center, from 2018 it will become a focal point for business and lifestyle.
Trixer produced this cgi-video for the Airport Zürich to show how it will look like in 2018 when the architectural mega project is finished.


Huge thanks goes to Philip and Sven from Trixer for making all this possible!
Working on this film was a blast and truly a great experience all around.

Full credits and information about the project:

Concept and creation:

Philip Hofmänner (Trixer)

Sven Fielitz (Trixer)

Simone Hueber
Jürg Bünzli
Tashi Gumbatshang

Philip Hofmänner
Dusan Vukcevic
Jasmin Burri
Yunal Zobu (Mos Consult)
Sven Fielitz
Mauricio Pereira da Fonseca
Nanci Pereira da Fonseca

Jasmin Burri

Make Up:
Brigitte Aeschbach
Sandra Marcheggiani

Aaron Amport

Patrizia Melere
Irina Melere

Background actors:
Stephanie Fischer
Aaron Amport
Benny Kiser
Marco Kiefer
Maria Svercel
Miro Svercel
Simon Svercel
Fabian Lipp
Maya Galluzzi
Immanuel Wagner
Michèle Schaps
Valentina Morrone
Leo Böni
Stephan Pomorin
Rita Pomorin
Melissa Brumann
Marina Rosset
Betty Camenzind
Ernst Schmid
Max Wetter
Herbert Ruggli
Christina Staeger
Renè Scheidegger
Deborah Keller
Jasmin Burri
Zora Melere

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